How To Host a Homemade Pizza Party

This week is all about parties.  I’m telling you what to take to parties and how to throw parties.  I’m being so bossy!


A couple of weeks ago we had my parents over for dinner.  My entertaining philosophy has changed from wanting to make the most complicated, impressive, new dishes I can to limiting the food I make to one homemade dish and short-cutting the rest.  But you love to cook!  You say.  Why wouldn’t you want to spread that love of cooking and discovering new and exciting dishes to your guests?  You say.

I’ll tell you.  The first reason is pretty general; when people are over I don’t want to spend my time in the kitchen missing all of the fun and conversation.  The second reason is more specific to me; I’m single-minded to a fault.  This is why I am awesome at studying in libraries for hours on end and knocking out 10 page papers in an evening, but terrible at remembering to take my purse with me from the back of my chair when I leave a restaurant.  Boil this down to entertaining and you get a really delicious, well-thought out meal served at 11:30pm.  People are hungry.

My favorite type of dinner party to throw is Make-Your-Own-Pizza.  Before I adopted my new entertaining philosophy, I’d make all the dough from scratch, all the toppings would be made to order, and pizzas would be coming out of my oven for upwards of 3 hours.  This way is fun if you have all day and night, but for a weeknight dinner party things need to move a little faster.  Short cuts and ingredients you can make ahead are perfect for this.

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