Top 10 Healthiest Foods

a healthy lifestyle begins with a
healthy diet welcome to
and today we’re counting down our picks
for the top ten healthiest foods for
this list we picked the 10 essential
superfoods that have shown to
significantly improve people’s health
and well-being while there are many
things that can be incorporated into a
healthy diet this list focuses on things
that can be eaten and are readily
accessible to most people the focus is
also squarely on solid foods so we
aren’t mentioning things like red wine
olive oil or tea

number 10 avocado

avocado so good for you that it actually
makes other super foods healthier
avocado is rich in oleic acid which
lowers the risk of heart and
inflammatory diseases it also enhances
the body’s absorption of carotenoids
essential nutrients found in leafy
greens and red or yellow vegetables add
avocado to a salad and you actually
amplify the nutritional value of
virtually everything else in the bowl
and don’t be afraid of the avocados high
fat content it’s what makes it creamy
delicious and incredibly nutritious plus it’s good fat
number 9 kale 

kale while all leafy greens
should be part of a healthy diet
including spinach it’s kale that packs
the greatest punch rich in various
essential vitamins a cup of kale
actually matches and sometimes surpasses
a cup of milk in terms of calcium
content it’s complex chemical
composition can help to fight cancer and
can actually repair DNA in damaged cells
sauteed or steamed pureed or boiled this
hearty veg its nutritional content
regardless of preparation so if you
think you don’t like kale just try preparing it another way